About My Blog

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog! Whether you know me personally or stumbled upon my ramblings, I’m so happy you’re here! Feel free to comment, send suggestions or topic ideas, or just follow & read along.

About Me
I am a daughter, sister, & mother. If you’ve been reading, I’m sure you have seen some pictures of my beautiful little boy--Phoenix James. 

I started this blog to journal my journey of health & fitness as well as some everyday happenings. I grew up as an overweight child/teen & eventually developed an eating disorder. Being a vegetarian (and being pregnant) helped me to self recover from the disorder. I knew I wanted to live & live healthy and I also had a mini-me to raise. I wanted & still want healthful eating and an active lifestyle to be very important to my little guy. 

These days, I am a vegan living in a non-vegan world. I would like to give props to Oklahoma because this year Sunflower Market & Whole Foods were opened. This has definitely made my life so much easier! My sweet little man is 80% vegan/vegetarian. His favorite thing ever is cheese. I do not restrict him from things he wants, however; besides the cheese--my kitchen is filled with vegan fare.

Also, this year marks my first year as a runner. It’s been an exciting year & I cannot wait until 2012. I plan on beating my best time (As of November 12th my best 5k is 33:13) and running more races than I did in 2011. Phoenix also ran with me this year; he completed four 1-mile kids runs! 

       I beat my best time on January 1, 2012 at the New Years 5k. New time to                 beat is 31:51!

I finally hit my goal of a 5k in under 30 minutes on March 11, 2012!! I ran the Run Lucky in 29:37!

Some quick facts!

Twitter: Follow me on Twitter! @JesSuazo
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeska.suazo
Exercise: Running, yoga, weight training, cycling, boxing & pilates. I like to mix it up! My weekly goal is to workout at least 5 times a week & my LivingWell program at work requires at least 3 days a week.
Preferred drinks: Water, herbal water, coffee, tea, stevia sodas & La Croix!
Vice: Bread.
Cut out: Meat on & off since 2004. All animal products in 2011.
For fun: Blogging, reading, playing superhero’s, & snuggling with my little guy.
Dislikes: Weird textures, Tofu, cooked tomatoes...this list could get long. I’m a wee bit picky.
Loves: Fresh juice, delicious salads, nuts, fresh fruit & veggies, and Pita chips with hummus.
Favorite TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, One Tree Hill & documentaries!

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey & upcoming accomplishments.


  1. Tofu is tricky. I used to HATE it. Yes, a vegetarian who hated tofu. I finally figured out how to prepare it.

    1. Haha I'm a vegan who despises tofu. Crazy, I know. But I find it pretty awful smelling, looking, tasting, etc. Maybe one day, maybe one day. :)

      What is your trick to cooking it just right?

  2. Hi: Just letting you know that I tagged you for a versatile blogger award on michiganfitmom.com. I wanted new blogs to get tagged so they could get some exposure.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much Karen! I really appreciate you tagging my blog.

      Have a wonderful day!