Monday, September 5, 2011

Conversations with a Vegan

For those of you that read my last post, the “raw-sagna” was another flop for me. It honestly tasted good, but for some reason sun-dried tomatoes make me sick to my stomach. Since the sauce was 90% sdt’s, I had a hard time stomaching the meal. You cook, you learn--right??

The Classen Curve carnival for the Uptown Kids one year anni was great! We had a blast. Here’s a few cute pics from the adventure.

This boy loves to golf! They had a little mini-hole set up.

Phoenix with his hero! This guy also played Iron Man.

And I will sneak a couple of Phoenix's first Musashi's experience. Ramune is Japanese "Sprite"

Phoenix loved the ninja statues! 

This week has guessed it. Busy! As you know, I love my job- I love my coworkers. This week I had a great convo with MD. We talked about veganism & my thoughts/his thoughts etc. I am a pretty logical person. I don’t think we can feed the entire world on “rabbit food” alone, however; I am against corporate farming and the methods that are used. I believe we should respect the animals that provide us nourishment. I think laws should be put in place; I think sanitary methods should be monitored closely, etc. Our eyes have been opened to so many things via the media, social media, & people being concerned with what they put in their mouths. I don’t think people eat dinner & think “Wow, this cow tastes like they had to electrocute him twice, he’s a fighter!” or “this chicken is so tender; they were careful when they bashed him against the wall.” I think most people just don’t think about where there meat comes from & how it got there. I’m the nerdy researcher type. If my job could be to research everything I was interested in, I would be rich! [Key word: everything i was interested in] Do my veganist ways sound less crazy yet? :)

A little pyramid of what I eat...minus all tofu (yuck) & unfortunately gluten doesn't always agree with me, so the bottom of my pyramid is a lot smaller.

Labor day weekend has been pretty chill. The munchkin and I are doing some cleaning & relaxing. In the mix will probably me anything to procrastinate me cleaning & enjoying this new-found Oklahoma weather! One day this week, I woke up & it was 80..weird.

Q’s for you’s:

What thoughts go through your head when you eat meat? Any? Am I weird for thinking odd thoughts while eating?

What did your long weekend consist of? Football? Barbecuing? Running in this beautiful weather? [It’s a 3-day weekend, I haven’t worked out unless you consider walking around the outlet mall a workout]

Hope life’s been great! And if you get a chance, watch Forks Over Knives! It’s great.

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