Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Food, Food Flops, & My Week in Review

Wow, my week has been so hectic. I’ve been choosing between blogging & working out every night after work because I’ve been so exhausted. Obviously, working out won the battle--so now it’s time to blog!

Last weekend, the munchkin & I took Joey to a the farmer’s market in Edmond. They had so many great options! It was like fruit & veggie heaven. I ended up with some squash, zucchini, & a pretty little eggplant. You know you’re a vegan when an eggplant excites you--but it’s got to be the most beautiful vegetable ever!

For the first time in months, I was too sick to go to work on Monday. I thought I had a stomach bug, but because I felt better by the afternoon--I figure I just ate something I shouldn’t have. I made use of my free day; Phoenix and I spent some time in the kitchen. We made vegan PB cookies, raw marinara sauce, & some white bean dip. All three turned out so delish! Look at this happy kiddo!

A four day work week is every girls dream, right? However, it was such a crazy week. Lucky for me, I love my job & the people I work with-so most weeks are great. The highlight of this week [second to my revolutionary work in gas measurement, of course] was our first Wallyball win! Our first team to play was a lot bigger than us...I think at 5’9” I was our tallest player. As they serve the ball at my head 30 times in a row, each time the four-square-like ball reaching speeds of 90 mph--I realized we weren’t going to win, but I did get the hang of the game. Fortunately the second team we played was a much better match [shorter, less-athletic] & we didn’t take last place!

And the food flop this week--vegan whole-wheat biscuits--even I couldn’t eat them & I eat some weird stuff. I wanted to lie & say I made something so fabulous that even Pillsbury would be jealous, but when I bit into this wheat flour-laden biscuit brick I immediately spit it out. Talk about weirdo, mini-me ate two of them! Hopefully one day I will make edible vegan biscuits..but these things below were a big FLOP.

Things I’m looking forward to this weekend:
-Uptown Kids anniversary party at Classen Curve today
-Getting in a couple of good workouts to prep for the Warrior Dash
-Making raw-sagna with my gorgeous eggplant

What are you looking forward to?

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