Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Fun!

The weekend went by way too fast! I packed it full of fun & volunteering, as well as a little photo shoot for my love.

The Myriad Gardens had their grand re-opening this weekend. They’ve been working on it for awhile and they did an amazing job. Phoenix also desperately needed a playdate with his sweet girl friend Taylor. We walked around for awhile & spent most of our time at the Children’s area. 

Next up, my friend Ashley from the Red Couch Studio came to shoot some pictures of Phoenix. The Myriad Gardens weren’t too busy so we were able to take some pictures there before walking over to Pinkitzel to eat cupcakes. Luckily Ashley understands that my child & I are far from normal (See: shaking our booties in public & putting icing on each other’s faces). She let us be our normal goofball selves, all while capturing some great pictures that I can’t wait to see!!

{My picture--I know, it's professional. Ash gets tips from me.}

Today, as I told Phoenix, we helped some puppies find homes. The Edmond PetsMart hosted their 4th annual adoption event, partnering with shelters in Oklahoma. The last number I saw on Twitter was 514! 514 animals found homes through this event. We picked the morning shift from 7-12, walking, feeding, & cleaning up after some sweet dogs/puppies. One of the most amazing things was watching someone take them home. Remember to adopt/donate/volunteer whenever or wherever you can!

And last but not least, my family & I tried a new restaurant for dinner. Green & Grilled. It’s located on NW Expressway near Rockwell. I’ve been wanting to try it ever since I read a few great reviews from the opening. Their goal is to serve healthy, delicious meals. I ordered an apple-spinach salad & Phoenix had the chicken with strawberries and baby carrots. I will be back for sure!
Hope your weekend was great! Can’t wait to post more pics of Phoenix’s photo shoot.

If you are interested in the Red Couch Studio..or if you are interested in an amazing, creative photographer. Contact Ashley Culp--->
{I don’t get paid if you book, but I could coax her into taking more pics of me shaking my booty...priceless}

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