Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Carving & Vegan/Veggie-ta-wee-an Kiddos

Last night we had soooo much fun doing one of my favorite holiday activities...
Pumpkin carving!! Here are a couple of pictures from the adventure.

I am really looking forward to trick or treating with our favorite family--the Johnson/Murdoch trio- on Monday. Joey found out last Monday that he would be going out of town for a couple of weeks for work (he’s a landman). As he says, “It kind of threw a monkey wrench in our life.” The location is four hours away but he is determined to make the trek home on Monday night so he can join us. (So sweet.) Captain America is very excited.

Now a bit of controversy..thoughts on raising a vegan/vegetarian child? I’ve been both praised & criticized. Phoenix’s father does not agree & two weekends out of the month I have no control over what he eats. My theory is that if I can educate him on making healthy choices, that no matter where he is or who he is with--he will cherish his health. Mine & my sons health is very important to me & I want it to also be important to him. 

A couple of the criticisms I have received:

You should let him make his own choices. {My rebuttal: He’s four. I read the menu items at restaurants that I agree with him eating, he chooses, he’s happy. As a parent, we cook for our children. We choose, we cook, they eat.}

He needs meat. There’s nothing wrong with it. {Sure. Feed it to your own kids. Phoenix eats off of the vegetarian menu at school. They bring his food out like everyone else's. Phoenix receives all of his nutrition from a non-meat diet}

I believe that I am no different than other parents. My choices may be different, but the end goal is the same. Love & care for my child and provide him with the best life that I can. 

And to end on a non-controversial subject. I went to the World Market today ( --Check it out, it’s a wonderful organization) and found these beauties!! I’m in love with these pillows hand-dyed batik style & this birdhouse made from a gourd. They are not only beautiful, but I also know that my purchase is helping someone else.

And tomorrow we will be running in the Ghostrunner's 5k to benefit Heartland Weimaraner ! Hope your weekend is going well.

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