Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where Have I Been??

Wow it’s been awhile! So many things have happened since my last blog. I will try to recap in short & then we can get back to some regularity.
On September 17th, we celebrated Phoenix’s 4th birthday. We had so much fun & the party was such a success! Superheroes came to visit the kids and it was a big hit.

On Phoenix’s real birthday, I took him to a couple of special places before heading to the Maroon 5 & Train concert. First stop was Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs. They had a falafel for me & some mini corn dogs for P. It was so delicious & the place is very retro. We are fans.

After Mutt’s, I took him to find the best milkshake in Oklahoma. Kaiser’s. They have, by far, the best milkshakes ever. P had a strawberry milkshake and we enjoyed sitting at the milkshake bar. It was a perfect day.

That night, I went to my second concert ever! Train & Maroon 5. It was amazing! I loved every second & got to hold Train’s hand. Um yes, he touched my hand. We have it on video. :) The concert was a birthday present from my mom. She is the best!

On Saturday, September 24th, I ran the Warrior Dash with Joey. It was AMAZING!! We dressed at Power Rangers and had a great time. This was my second mud race & it was harder in a different way than the Dirty 30. There was a TON of uphill running/climbing. The obstacles were also different. One of the walls almost got me. I climbed to the top and told Joey that there was no way I could get down. I was going back down the way I came. Luckily, he and a couple girls at the top coaxed me down and I tried to get past my extreme fear of heights. The water obstacle was also harder. We actually had to swim over logs & it was freezing! All in all, I will be doing the race again if I have the opportunity. So Much Fun!

On October 1st, the little man & I moved into our wonderful house! It’s been so great to have more space. We are almost settled, but since this place is twice the size of our last  apartment--we need more furniture. We are very happy though!

Ok, and now for the reason why I haven’t blogged in weeks. The not so fun thing that happened to me was a FLOOD! Not just a small flood, it was huge. Joey was the first there & helped move all of the big stuff. And then, Mom to the rescue. She brought boxes, a U-Haul, and a crew of friends. This crew has done this for me before &  I was so appreciative that they were there again. We packed my entire apartment in 2 hours & brought it to my new house to unload in the living room. I ended up staying with my parents until October 1st until my landlord was done remodeling and now, today, here I am. Finally blogging in my room without chaos surrounding me.

So that’s where I have been. Crazy, huh? Yes, my life can be extremely chaotic, but I am incredibly lucky to have such a great support system ready for action. So now get ready for normalcy. Me, blogging about my daily/weekly vegan life with a four year old. :)

Have a great weekend! Oh & one more thing! I’ve been diligently keeping up with all of my favorite blogs using Google Reader. @SkinnyRunner Reading your blogs have become my favorite pastime. Every morning. I laugh. <3

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