Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Chaos

Sure hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I sure did. Santa brought me everything I wanted! He must have read my blog for great ideas. ;)

Again, we spent the holidays at my house (the parents house is under construction.)  Before everyone showed up, Phoenix and I got to cooking gingerbread cookies, spiced nuts & chocolate covered pretzels to snack on.

To continue with Suazo traditions, we all got to open one present on Christmas Eve and then were so tuckered out from the day--we hit the sack early. My parents & little brother all stayed the night so they could see Phoenix’s face on Christmas morning.

Gramz let him open the LeapPad on Christmas Eve so I could get it all set up!

Another Christmas tradition of ours, Gigi reads The Night Before Christmas.

This year Phoenix asked Santa for lego’s, so once he went to bed--I picked out the presents I knew were legos, built his lego table, ate some of the cookies he left on the fireplace & wrote a note for him "from St. Nick" to find on Christmas morning. My favorite quote of Christmas {as Phoenix walks into the living room I point to the fireplace “Oh my! Look what Santa brought you!!} Nonchalantly Phoenix says, “Those aren’t from Santa mom, they came from under the tree!” Next year, I’ve got to work on my Santa skills.

One of Phoenix's prized lego sets--this thing took me an hour to put together!

After present unwrapping, Christmas lunch turned into Christmas dinner. The instructions for the [pre-cooked] turkey said to heat in oven at 300 for 2.5 to 3 hours. Four & a half hours later, we sliced the top layers from the turkey and discarded the still frozen center. 

Good thing I traded meat for flowers. ;) Vegan score!

All in all, it was a great Christmas & I am so thankful I got to spend it with my family. Christmas hosting is also exhausting & I took a much needed break on Monday. :)

Reader Question: I received a Nook for Christmas {awesome} and I’m looking for great book suggestions! Anyone reading an awesome book right now?! 

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