Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birth to 21- This Is How Fast They Grow!!

Yesterday was a big day in the Suazo household. Little Suaz turned 21. Where has the time gone?!

Despite the fights, the wrestling & many frustrations--my little brother & I have always been very close. I absolutely despised the fact that I had to give up my "toy room" for the little mongrel; however, having a built in playmate had its perks. Since I was the angel, I quickly realized this kid would make the perfect scapegoat! "Who broke this?!" "Oh mom, I'm so sorry. I told Jordan not to throw his ball in the house."

Last night we celebrated with some close friends & the family at Mama Roja's. I called him this afternoon to see if he had survived his birthday and alas he has. 

And to enjoy my big sister perks--here are some great pictures!!

Hope all your birthday wishes came true Bubster. Love, 'Sissy'

Do you guys remember your 21st birthday? 

Are you close to your siblings?

For the record, I do NOT look forward to my little man turning 21, 16, or 5 for that matter. :)

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