Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Power 90, Week 1 Recap

If you’ve been reading, you know that I started a Power 90 challenge. Power 90 is the precursor to P90x--if you’re like me, you’ve never heard of it. The point of Power 90 is to get you ready to conquer P90x & eventually P90x2.
When P90x first got popular, people everywhere were trying it. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but 90 days sounds like forever; mixed with stories of throwing up during first workouts...I decided to steer clear. For some reason, I just can’t stop wanting to do it. I don’t just want to do it, though; I want to finish it. In order to do that, preparation is key. It’s not possible to go from couch to 90 day hardcore fitness program without hurting yourself so I started with this program (although, I was/am a lot farther than ‘couch’.)

Also, I bought my copy 'used' from Amazon. (I'm cheap when I'm not sure I will like something.)

Power 90 consists of these workouts:

Sculpt Circuit 1–2 Easy moves that work to tone, firm, and strengthen your entire body. (29 minutes)

Sweat Cardio 1–2 Fun, innovative cardio moves, kickboxing, Pilates, and more to burn fat and shed inches fast! (36 minutes)

Sculpt Circuit 3–4 Next level for sculpting long, lean muscles! (38 minutes)

Sweat Cardio 3–4 Accelerated fat and calorie blasting. (42 minutes)

Ab Ripper 100 & 200 Two ab routines guaranteed to give you the flat, sexy six-pack abs you've always wanted. (4 minutes; 6 minutes)

I alternate one day of Sweat Cardio + abs & one day of Sculpt Circuit. The workouts fly by and I love the layout of the videos. My first go around with each different workout left me feeling like it was too easy. I was worried I wouldn’t have any results because I was too ‘in shape’ to benefit. Wow. I was wrong. I did buy a heavier set of weights for the sculpt workout, but each day is challenging. The workout itself isn’t hard, but it’s a challenge to do it everyday (with one rest day) on the mind & body. I generally do my workouts at night after Phoenix has gone to bed & every night, I look longingly at my comfy bed. During my work day, I also workout at lunch. 

The normal work week looks like this:




Thursday-Run or Power Yoga

Friday- Beg someone to take me off campus for lunch so I don’t have to workout. ;)

Throw in there work, mommyhood & maintaining a social life and you get one tired momma! I’m very excited to be doing this challenge & can’t wait until it’s over until I’ve conquered it!

Have you ever tried a workout challenge? Which ones? Any BeachBody workouts?

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