Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Secret to Weight Loss

Pomegranates. Yes. Simple as that. Ok it’s not really a secret diet, but can you imagine a diet of pomegranates?! They are absolutely delicious, yet such a pain to eat. Here’s a mental picture of me tonight...

I’m standing over the sink with half a pomegranate in hand. Behind me sit the cutting board & knife--red juice splattered all over. I take a bite, suck on the seeds, & spit. Repeat for 20 minutes. I have now eaten an entire pomegranate. Not only am I covered in red juice, it’s splattered all over the kitchen. I am now reminded why I have not eaten a pomegranate in years....why did I buy two?!

But honestly, the secret to weight loss is no secret at all. Diet & exercise. Whole foods & lots of greens. Sorry to disappoint those who were looking for a quick solution. :) There’s no pill or magic potion. Get off your butt & move. 

Speaking of moving, I have three 5k’s coming up. Brilliant. It’s freezing outside & I’ve decided to sign up for races. I guess it will keep me from cuddling up on the much.

As for last weeks race--the Ghostrunner’s 5k--here are a couple of pictures. 

Because of the two mini dogs & the mini-me--this was a 5k walk for us. I didn’t want to be a hazard to the race course. It’s a wonder that I can run without getting hurt. I wasn’t going to risk juggling all of the accessories.

And one pic from our Halloween trick-or-treating with Taylor & fam. (Not much of a story, Phoenix was sick & we only made it down one street.) They looked so stinking cute!

What are your plans to stay fit through the holidays? Any vegan Thanksgiving recipes you want to share?

I discovered the NY Times Well blog --->
They are posting meatless Thanksgiving recipes everyday. Loads of great stuff & everything looks delicious!

Check it out & Happy Wednesday!

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