Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farmer's Market & Garden Saturday!

I love Saturday's. For me it means a day to enjoy, visit the farmer's market, tend the garden and to do whatever else comes up (and squeeze in a Jillian sesh before bed).
This morning my little man slept until 8 am!! It was nice, but it did mean we were running late for the best choices at the Farmer's market. Oh well. We still got some great stuff! I found some beautiful eggplants, some lemongrass that smells amazing, and some more fresh corn. Next week I hope to visit the Edmond market.

For breakfast, Phoenix & I had some berries and apple-carrot juice. A great way to start the day.

After the market, it was on to the garden. Our poor tomatoes looked parched! We haven't had much luck with carrots this year...mainly because we don't know when to pick them. I tested them again & got some tiny little suckers. I found one lonely zucchini amongst the prickly leaves & also ate some cherry tomatoes off the vine. The real catch today was the melons! I got two cantaloupes (we already devoured one), a honeydew, and a MONSTER of a watermelon! I'm excited to juice some more cantaloupe & possibly make a melon salad like the one I love at CoolGreens.

After our garden visit, Phoenix & I stopped into Target. I still needed more beets & spinach. (I am in love with beet juice) I'm really excited for Whole Foods & the Sunflower market to open. Right now, Target is where I found the best produce--today was especially good, I think they had just gotten a new shipment. When we got home I made a Shredded salad- purple potatoes, cabbage, carrots, grapeseed oil, sea salt & cumin. I thought it was really good, but Phoenix wasn't in love.

Tonight we are celebrating "Baby Collin's" birthday party. I can't believe the munchkin is already 3!! Phoenix is very excited to celebrate with him. It will be a fun night!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!

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