Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let's Catch Up

Ok, first of all--to read my blogs from 2010 or earlier-->http://believeinmywords.blogspot.com/

Because that was a blog of becoming a raw vegan, being heartbroken, & writing poetry--I thought I would start anew. 

To catch everyone up between 2010 & the middle of 2011, here are the top 5 things that happened (in no particular order):

1. I landed a great job @ Chesapeake Energy.
2. My sweet little man turned 3.
3. I moved out on my own. (Spent 2 years as a single mom with the parents as    I finished school & began the job hunt)
4. I got a Breville juicer.
5. I started a slow journey to veganism.

and in 2011..so far:

1. I took up running.
2. I finished 3 races with many more to come.
3. I re-took up blogging. (Today)
4. I bought a pair of Newton running shoes. (Amazing)
5. I continue my vegan journey.

I don't live the most exciting life, but I'm constantly busy! Balancing motherhood, a full-time job that I LOVE, training & working out, and maintaining a somewhat normal social life is a lot of work!

Some things I'm passionate about include being an amazing mom, health, fitness, raw food, vegan cooking, animal activism, & doing as much good to and on this Earth as I can. 

Now that we're caught up--I will continue to blog (another goal)! Blog better.

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