Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a Week!

Being a single mom = busy, busy, busy all the time! The three things I must fit into every day are: quality time with my son, our health, & fitness.
Dispersed in there, I fit: work, friends, family, boyfriend, & me time. I love being busy, but sometimes being spread so thin-someone feels left out.

This week has been a great week indeed. Sunday night I cooked Chickpea Cakes from the Skinny Bitch cookbook. They were very delicious (I thought) and because no one else thought so, I ate them for lunch & dinner on Monday! On Sundays, we also love to bake cookies. This week was Joey's turn to bake; he made some delicious gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

I got together with some girlfriends this week & we made our shirts for the Dirty 30. I'm getting so excited! Our shirts say "I'm Dirty" on the front & then a nickname and/or number on the back. We are also wearing neon tutu's for this race.

Last night [Wednesday] was a sad one. Phoenix's teacher, Ms. Ellen, is moving to Texas to be with her new husband. Phoenix loves her dearly & she will be missed but we wish her well in her new life. Throughout Phoenix's year with her, he has become a little more outgoing, learned to write so much better, & has learned some new prayers and songs that melt my heart.

I've done my fair share of juicing all of that yummy stuff I got from the garden, the farmer's market, & Target. My favorite juice is beet-apple-ginger. It's a great morning juice. Tonight I made some watermelon-cantaloupe juice; that 20 lb watermelon monster has been hard to get rid of! I've been doing a lot of running this week, not only trying to get ready for my race, but also because I really enjoy it. Sometimes I notice when I'm angry, upset, or tired, I'm a loud runner. It takes me about five minutes to get it together & return to a smooth gait.

And to end the week, a friend & I have been discussing what cleanse to do for August. We both have weight loss goals & want to do something that will help us get there. She is a P90x junkie & I like to run and do Jillian Michaels. Once we figure it out, I'm sure we will blog about it!

Have a great week!

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