Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Green Juice: Celery-Lemongrass-Pear

I hope you're enjoying my "trying new juices" posts! It's always fun to branch out from your usual routine.

This is a recipe from Matthew Kenney’s book, Everyday Raw Express: Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less. This book is fabulous! I love raw food, but as a single mom of a four year old with a full time job--I don’t have that much time to whip up dinner. In this book, you will find some great recipes that, honestly, take 30 minutes or less. I’m going to put together a salad from this book tonight for lunch tomorrow! I will post pictures & the recipe soon.

{Please remember, I’m no professional. The nutrition facts are estimates from The Complete Book of Juicing by Michael T. Murray, N.D.}

Celery is rich in potassium & sodium. Generally, celery isn’t my favorite veggie to juice--but this juice changed my mind!

Lemongrass has numerous health benefiting essential oils, chemicals, minerals and vitamins that are known to have anti-oxidant and disease preventing properties. The herb is very low in calories; contains 99 calories per 100 g but contains no cholesterol.

Again, Pears are great sources of water-soluble fiber, including pectin. I used comice pears for my juice because they were on sale at Whole Foods for 99 cents.

2 pears
2 stalks celery
4 stalks lemongrass- 4-5" in length

Approximate Calories Count: 300 calories

I also added one large leaf of kale to my juice...again, got to get the extra green in where you can. I drink my juices around 10:30 am every day, or an hour before my lunch workouts at 11:30. I always get hungry before or during my workouts & drinking juice makes me feel like I can conquer anything!

How was your Tuesday? Did you get in a good workout?

My workout was a little lackluster. I knew I needed to run, but I was sore from Pilates. I hopped on the treadmill & vowed not to quit running until 30 minutes had passed. I made it, but I wasn't happy while doing it. Tomorrow will be a run outside & then my first Power 90 workout! Keep reading to see/hear my progress. I'm very excited about this commitment.


  1. I ran yesterday too and my body hated me for taking so much time off from it! I vow to myself to start running at lest 3 times a week! I need to get ready for all the races I will be running in next year with you! :)
    I can't wait to try your juice! YUM!

  2. Ugh I hate running so much...but I also love it. I've been pretty good about keeping it up, I just need to increase my mileage so I can do a longer race. I'm sooo excited for our races. We will have a blast. I've already been trying to think of costumes.

    Hope you love the juice!