Friday, November 25, 2011

A Thanksgiving of First’s--2011

This year, many “firsts” occurred. It was a spectacular Thanksgiving, & definitely will be remembered. I think the best words I heard yesterday were “Mommy, this was a great Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for you.” I’m thankful for you too little turkey..very thankful. 

The day started with our FIRST family Turkey Trot! I was so excited that my family joined me. As my blog title reads, I am very “into” the fitness. My parents have been very supportive throughout my first year of running. They’ve lovingly harassed me & compared me to my late grandpa Jesse (he wore many hats & also took up racing for awhile); but nonetheless--they are my greatest supporters. The Memorial Marathon was my mom’s first 5k walk. She grabbed a few friends & walked her tush off as I ran the 5k. The weather was dreary & she vowed to never do it again--but she signed up for the 1m Wobble on Turkey Day! We dressed the part & headed to Edmond. 
I'm posting this picture to show us as a family, not because it's great. Ha! This is the only of all of us!

I ran my fastest 5k to date with Caroline. I’d like to praise Ms. Caroline for being the most supportive running partner I could ever have. I despise running, I complain, & I give up on myself way too easy. This girl doesn’t complain & she’s peppy the whole time! I guess after spending 40+ hours together at work, she is conditioned enough to put up with me. 

Phoenix ran most of his mile! (His fourth race)

And I HAD to get a picture with this guy! He made his costume. (It's an ostrich)

And next up --and last for the year-- we will be doing the Sandridge Santa Dash on December 10th. If you're reading this & you haven't registered but told me you would..cough cough..Caro--> Here's the link. :)
Next up, my FIRST year to host Thanksgiving. As you may not know, I finally have a space big enough to fit my family. Ok, there may have been a card table & chairs involved (I will get a dining table eventually) but they all fit.

As a family of 5 & cooking from scratch just not being in our genes, we ordered from CHK togo (my work catering service) and Running Wild Catering. Don’t worry, there was still some cooking & tons of preparing. We just don’t feel the need for everything to be handmade by us. 

This was also my FIRST vegan Thanksgiving. I’ve been vegetarian/flexitarian for many years. My extended family members quit asking the details--some years I eat everything, some I don’t. This year, I think I have finally found my fit as a vegan & wasn’t at all tempted to stuff my face with stuff I knew would make my stomach throw a fit. I’m a happy vegan & slowly but surely, I’m finding substitutes to things I used to eat. 

As I mentioned, most of the day was catered, but I added my own sweet potatoes (coconut milk & Earth Balance subs), and “Skinny Stuffing” & “Jack’s Grandma’s Apple Pie” from Kim Barnouin’s Skinny Bitch cookbook. Let me tell you, if you don’t have that cookbook--purchase it! I haven’t made anything I don’t like from it. Each time, I’m impressed. The stuffing was “beautiful” as I called it. Every herb could be tasted & it was so savory. 

The last FIRST is just a funny one. I have a very dynamic family. If you know me personally, you may know what I’m talking about. I have always been the “peacekeeper” of the family and would also say I’m the quietest member. (Now if you know me personally, you may not believe me--but you have to spend a day with the 5 of us to understand) The Suazo family did not bicker or fight one bit...all day! We may have wrestled like rednecks on the living room floor, but it was all out of love. (I will make note that my father & I both took my brother down...little weakling)

This game was great. You have to guess what picture is on your head. P kept telling us the answers. :)

Greatest Thanksgiving ever. To recap, I’m extremely thankful for my son, my family, & my health. Love, Fitness, & being a vegan require support. I’m blessed to have it. 


  1. Haha! It was a GREAT day! I'm so glad I got to spend it with you guys. Its down in the memory books! And, yes, I think we've both conditioned each other. :) We're just a good fit! And now I think you've inspired me to go for a run then grab brekky at the local organic restaurant!!!

  2. I think I might just move wherever you move when that time comes. Don't get too comfortable in "Hot-Lanta" over the holidays!!