Friday, August 5, 2011

Adventure Races!!

I've been meaning to write about the Dirty 30 for a few days now! I signed up for my first mud race back in March when I was gung-ho about running as many races as possible.
It was a smart decision because I probably wouldn't have attended one race a month like I have, had I waited to see if I loved running. I like running, I like working out, but I don't LOVE to do it. I do LOVE mud races!! And our costumes were great. Everyone loved the tutu's!

The race was very challenging. I can run a 5k, but I'd never done obstacles before & I don't trail run. The first mile was exhausting & exhilarating all in one. Running through riverbeds was scary but exciting. I just remember bounding through the rocky terrain and being on cloud 9. I couldn't hear anything & I was only focused on the ground and my running posture & breathing. As awesome as it was, that first mile was long! It was 100 degrees + and the air was thick. 

The obstacles were crazy! I'm deathly afraid of heights & I had to climb a massive wall plus a rope wall. At first I was afraid I didn't have enough upper body strength to pull myself up the wall with a rope. Once I realized that working out has payed off, I was terrified trying to figure out how I was going to get down the other side. Whew, I made it. The rope wall wasn't as bad, I could see to the other side & I had done it once before now. The mud was disgusting and tiring, but it was nice to feel like a child again--knowing it was ok to get a little lot dirty. 

We finished the race together, all seven of us in my group (work friends, supervisor, boyfriend). It was a nice bonding experience and we all were supportive of each other and had plenty of laughs a long the way. I can't wait to do it again next year!! 

AND in September!! Warrior Dash here WE come!

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