Friday, August 19, 2011

Cheat-a-tarian, Vegan-ish, Loca-tarian, Organ-ivore

I learned some new words today! 

Locatarian- someone who eats locally grown food
Organivore- someone who eats organic food
Cheatatarian- my favorite word for veggies that eat meat occasionally
Veganish- those of us that forget about trace products sometimes!

I think I would consider myself an OrganiLocaVegan. I also think if I told people that, they would think I was one crazy b*tch. Ha!

I don’t eat all organic food, but I do try my hardest to make organic choices when they are easily accessible. I go to the Farmer’s market & my garden every Saturday. I’m not drastically reducing my carbon footprint [see SUV] but I do try to be aware of my choices & actions. 

At work, we have a ton of food options. Delicious stuff & healthy compared to many others. But the main focus is usually meat [obviously veganism is still the minority by a long shot]. Today I ordered a side of broccoli, a side of green beans, & some tomatoes, carrots, and mushrooms from the salad bar. I walked to the register to pay, and the sweet & generally quiet cash register says, “What are you, a rabbit?” I courtesy laughed because I knew he thought it was funny--and of course I wasn’t upset; I’ve heard my fair share of “What!! You don’t eat meat?” jokes. 

I do, however; think it’s funny that herbivore jokes are still so prevalent to this day. I don’t judge people for their food choices--if you want to eat a hunk of flesh with a side of embryos for lunch slathered in lard & moldy cows teet milk, go for it! I don’t ask people if they’re related to a T-rex. I also understand that we have so much more knowledge about what we put in our mouths today than we did back in the day. I grew up on a few staples: tamales & corn, hamburger helper, meatloaf, & mashed potatoes. I didn’t see a problem with it...but I wouldn’t eat any of that now. 
One of my passions is teaching my son to take care of his body & make healthy choices. My goodness has the little stinker made comments that were a tad embarrassing, but hey--that’s what kids do. A few of my favorites:

“Uncle Stinky didn’t make a healthy choice. That’s why he has a fat belly.”
“Why do people drink cows milk? They should give it back to the cows & drink almond milk.”
“Why do you work out? Is it so that you don’t get a fat belly?”

We are raising the next generation. We as a country are battling obesity. With the rising numbers in childhood obesity, why wouldn’t everyone wake up? Did you know that when I was in Tyler, multiple people were so excited that Phoenix liked to play outside--even when it was 100 degrees. I didn’t think anything of it...but it was something special.  He likes movies & learning style video games--he likes to read books & snuggle up with me. But he loves to play outside & I limit his exposure to doing those inside activities that don’t engage his brain. 
So I guess what I’m trying to say is: 

-Ha! Your jokes are funny, but my kids are better.
-Think about your impact to the world.
-And, hey if you wanna be a T-rex go for it, I’m just going to be the Brontosaurus. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! -the crazy hippie treehuggin’ OrganiLocaVegan

**Books to read: My Mom Hugs Trees by Robyn Ringgold & The Locavore’s Handbook by Leda Meredith & Sandor Ellix Katz

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