Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Games & My Attempt At Athleticism

So let's preface this post with a little background on me as an athlete:

When I was really young (we'll say 4ish) I wanted to be in a dance class like all of my other girl friends...unfortunately I resembled a frog rather than a ballerina.
Game over. A little older (8ish) I wanted to be a cheerleader...I have no rhythm, am not flexible, & couldn't do a cartwheel (I was also not your usual peppy cheer type). Fail. My freshman year of high school, I decided I wanted to play soccer. It looked cool--just run around & kick the ball. Being overweight, uncoordinated, and unathletic led me to a season of shin splints & bench warming. Done. So there is my athletic past.

Fast forward 13 years and you will find a more physically fit, outgoing, intramural wannabe athlete. If I ever had an athletic year, it would be this one. This is the year I started running & the year I decided that even if I'm awful--it's a lot more fun to play sports with your friends than it is to sit on the sidelines--even if it means being hit in the head with a volleyball (twice). :) I've had so much fun playing intramural sports at work!

So now for the story. Right now, my work group is participating in the Chesapeake Summer Games. You get a team together & play multiple sports against other work teams. Two weeks ago was soccer (top scorer right here) & this week is ultimate frisbee. Previous to this week, I played two games--by play I mean I ran around praying no one threw a frisbee at me. Here's a snipit from today:

I'm running down the field, watching the frisbee. I'm open...throw it to me. [Please Jes, catch the Frisbee] I'm watching the team make plays, I'm still open--no one's blocking me. I've got this, throw it to me! My teammate throws it to me & I catch it!! I'm so excited--running as fast as I can with the frisbee. No one's going to catch me! I notice a guy out of the corner of my eye--he's trying to get me. And then I hear "You can't run! Stop running!". He keeps repeating it, am I doing something wrong?? My teammates yell "Jes, stop running!"I stop & throw the frisbee--I'm a little in shock, what did I do wrong? I throw it right at the guy that was yelling at me hitting him square in the neck.  Ooops-guess he shouldn't have yelled at me. 

Moral of the story: Once you catch the frisbee, you have to stop & throw it before you start running again. Who knew! This is my first week actually trying to play rather than just running away from the frisbee. Better luck next game!!

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