Monday, August 8, 2011

Working in the Field

I'm hanging out in Tyler, TX this week! Tyler is one of my work field offices & also where my grandma lives. I brought the kiddo & we are having a blast.
Spent four hours driving today & three hours in the field. I ended up with a little sunburn & a lot of knowledge. Can't wait for tomorrow!
I've been eating well so far, but working out has been a challenge. Tonight, after playing in the sprinkler the little toot & I did some squat, crunches, push ups, lunges & jumping jacks. He always asks why I answer is "so I don't get fat & because its healthy." He's such a great workout partner.
Ohh and I got my grandma to try some fresh Apple-carrot juice. She loved it so much she's even contemplating buying her own juicer!
Happy Monday everyone! Eat healthy & get moving.

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