Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of Preschool

So, Monday was my little man's first day of preschool! He's getting so big. Chesapeake Energy opened their child development center on August 8, 2011. Phoenix was a part of the second start group on August 15th. After spending an entire week in Tyler, TX, we were stressed prepared for this first day to come. I decided he needed a buzz cut for his first day--this would ensure he didn't look like Alfalfa in the morning.
Phoenix put on his new moustache pajamas, I picked out his breakfast & first day outfit and then we tried to get in bed on time. 

Unfortunately, I turned off my alarm and didn't wake up until 6:45 am. My whole plan was shot--no time for Starbucks, no time for breakfast together at the table, & no time for me not to be able to find some clean & wrinkle free pants. I took a breath and decided we would get there when we got there. Alas, we made it to school and only forgot the milk...

Phoenix had such a great day at school!! He made some new friends and also "made healthy choices" for lunch. He eats off of the vegetarian menu and is as happy as a clam tofu. He liked it so much that we went back for day two...this time much more prepared.

Looking forward to the rest of the week & many more healthy choices!

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