Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Plan Almost Everything

Hi everyone! It has been really busy in my world lately. Two weeks ago, I realized that although I was reaching all of my goals--I wasn’t planning enough. After work during the week, I would come home & look around--wondering what was for dinner. I was eating lunch at work everyday instead of packing a lunch & I was skipping breakfast.

All of those things lead to spending too much money & not always making the healthiest choices. Skipping breakfast wasn’t allowing me to push myself during my workouts. I have been joining the Oklahoma Landrunners every Saturday for long runs & during the week--I run with a running group that I’ve built up at work. My longest distance has moved from 3 miles to 7 miles this month & I couldn’t be happier! The biggest part of this distance gain has been learning to fuel my body & I feel like I’m making big progress.

Breakfast: Overnight oats with a banana + pressed coffee. Morning snack: Carrot + Parsley juice. Lunch: Tomato soup & gigantic salad + apple & tea. Afternoon snack: Cucumbers & salsa

Last week I made a breakfast, lunch & dinner plan for the week, as well as the usual workout plan. (Ok I’m a little OCD: I also make a daily work agenda, plan my weekends a week in advance, make a grocery list by aisle & write out a To Do list by the hour when I need to clean)

The weekly food plan was a lifesaver! I made all of my breakfasts, all but one lunch & all but one dinner. Sometimes plans can change, but no plan is a recipe for disaster. The biggest factor for my dinners is that it has to be quick with a small list of ingredients (and be vegan & taste good). Last week some highlights included homemade pizza night, pita sandwiches & soup, broccoli pasta & tacos. This week I’m making apple-sage veggie burgers, spaghetti & beet balls and an Indian lentil dish.

Do you make dinner plans? Where do you find your recipes? 

Keep reading the blog to hear my grocery store review & see where I find my recipes! I’m hoping to finish the posts this week--in between all my plans of course.

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

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