Sunday, January 15, 2012

Push It, Push It Real Good

Everyone loves a little Salt-n-Pepa!

Remember when I told you guys I was crazy?! Well this weekend was definitely a “push myself to the limits” type of weekend! Every other weekend, Peanut spends the weekend with his dad. Without getting into too much detail--I always try to plan as much as possible to keep myself busy. Phoenix is my life & weekends without him are hard. 

Yep, he's definitely my child. Great monster face dude.

Phoenix enjoys his weekends with his dad, so I keep my head up. I would do anything to make that little guy happy. His newest thing that he loves for me to do is to “talk in my silly voice.” When’s he grumpy in the mornings or just being a tad naughty--I just whip out my best impression {oh it’s awful} of an Australian accent. Cracks him up every time!

So first up was Girl’s Night/Friends Night. Dearest Caroline likes to starve me to death & we decided to hit up Saint’s Pub & Grille at 8 pm for dinner & drinks. Fortunately, I was one step ahead and fixed myself a peanut butter sandwich beforehand. Saint’s is a quaint little place with fabulous food. It was my first time there & I can’t wait to go back. And as always, hanging out with my work family was a blast! 

Scheduled for Saturday morning at 7 am was my long run with Megan & the OKC Landrunners. We had planned on doing four miles for our first run together. I was exhausted! I wanted to bail so bad, but there is no bailing when you have a friend meet you that early. We conquered that four miles & then I went home to take a nap. Ha! 

Want to know why I took a nap!? Because I had also planned a bike ride around the lake with Joey & we had a soccer game. I’m still trying to master gear shifting & this was my first long ride--so it was a little unpleasant. Or maybe I was a little unpleasant...lucky for me the bf is understanding. ;) 

Do you like working out with your significant other? It’s something that is very important to me & being with someone that shares my love for health & fitness is a must. 

And to end my fabulous Saturday, my dear friend Fawaz was having a birthday! Joey & I met up with him, got to meet his gorgeous fiancee & saw some old friends. I’m so lucky to have so many amazing friends, new & old. 

Do enjoy pushing yourself to the limits? I enjoy the amazing nights sleep I had after a full day of activities. 

So this week, again, I reached my goals. Four runs with friends, longest distance, fastest pace, barre & weights-- all mixed with great company, and a side of fun.

Tell me about your weekend!! 

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