Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wipe the Slate Clean & Make New Habits in 2012

I only had one resolution for 2011. It was to be happy with my body. In order to do that, I needed to get serious about fitness & change my lifestyle. 2011 was the year I began my vegan journey & also the year I began running. I was successful on both fronts. I ran 9 races & have loved every second of being vegan. As a long time vegetarian, the move to being vegan was only a slight challenge.

Throughout my years, eating well & being fit have always been goals. I’ve jumped on the fitness wagon many times but have always had a hard time loving something enough to stick with it. I don’t love running, but I love participating in races & the great conversations with friends on daily runs. I’m also starting to enjoy/tolerate running with myself. 

Below is a chart of my weight loss goal. On my last day of 2011, my weight was 4 lbs from my goal. There were two way I could have taken this: 1-Way to fail, you didn’t hit your goal or 2-Wow, I’ve succeeded in my lifestyle change and I’ve come so far. I chose #2. May we always choose the second option when deep down, we know we gave it our all and have put in the work.

For 2012, I have a handful of goals. It may look like a lot, but really its just a booster to the foundation I’ve laid. 

Food Resolutions:

Continue vegan journey & try new foods
Drink green juice at least 6 times a week for optimal health
Complete a cleanse/detox
Bring lunch to work at least 3 times a week

Fitness Resolutions:

Practice yoga/pilates at least 2 times a week
Run at least 3 times a week
Incorporate weights at least 2 times a week
Run a 10k

Self Resolutions:

Continue blogging at least once a week
Be mindful of spending habits
Love thyself
Practice patience 
Be my best self

The best advice I can give for setting resolutions is to be realistic and be honest with yourself. 

What are your resolutions? Did you succeed in your 2011 goals?