Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paula Deen Makes America Fat

I love a good debate & I'm dying to hear others perspectives. Has anyone read the stories about Paula Deen that have been floating around? 

Here's a couple links:

Anthony Bourdain Calls Out Paula Deen on Twitter

Paula Deen Reveals Type-2 Diabetes Diagnosis

I started a discussion on my Facebook page with family & friends--here's what we have so far.

Jeska Suazo Here's my comment: I think there are two sides to this. (Keep in mind I'm a vegan who promotes healthy lifestyle & exercise- you can read more about me on http://lovefitnessvegan.blogspot.com/) One, yes its absolutely shocking that Paula would promote a diabetes medicine and defend her diet. That's my opinion. But two, Paula isn't telling the world to eat what she cooks every meal, every day. It is preposterous for anyone to blame her for the obesity rates in America. We can all make our own choices. She didn't make fattening food "cool". And we, as Americans who watch the Food Network-made her famous. I believe we should not condemn Paula for her choices & actions. They are hers alone & she will have to be the one to live with these choices. So here's to making choices that are right for ourselves.

ummm - I LOVE Anthony Bourdain and he has a huge disdain for most "TV Chefs"....I also really can't stand Paula 
Deen.....all that aside, she makes terrible food (i.e. terribly unhealthy) and is pushing that on her fans, then has a health disorder BECAUSE of that food, and (the thing I didn't know) now she's pushing diabetes medication? WTF? I'm against this whole thing, and Anthony Bourdain wins in my book!

Jeska Suazo I don't disagree with you; however, I don't think she pushed her food on her fans. If her show were called "Paula Deen's Health Show" --I would call her a fraud. She's known for her Southern cooking. As far as the diabetes medication, I don't agree with her promoting it--but doctors promote it as well & we don't disagree with them.

 I'd take money for something legal if a company offered to pay me...you can't hate the player, hate the game.
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Anyone want to add their thoughts? 


  1. I totally agree with you. If Paula were purporting that her diet is healthy or that her recipes should be consumed for all three meals of the day, I'd have a major issue with all of this. BUT I think she has been VERY clear throughout her career that her recipes are INDULGENCES. I mean, it's not like she hides her love of butter!

    I'm also very disappointed by the amount of fat-shaming going on. :( She sure seems like a sweet lady and I'm sad to hear of anyone being diagnosed with a serious disease, regardless of what they look like.

    1. I definitely understand! I keep reading comments like "she gave herself diabetes." Do we tell people "well you gave yourself cancer, aids, asthma..etc?" No.

      I feel like everyone is always on the look out to blame someone for the obesity rates when they should be doing something about them. Fat & skinny mean nothing. Healthy & active are what we should be striving for.